The HIHF Federation

Welcome to the HIHF Wrestling E-Federation. We area small community of wrestling enthusiasts that have come together to create a unique world of professional wrestling. If you are new to the federation please feel free to have a look around without any involvement, however we encourage you to participate in our events, leaderboards etc. We are always friendly and respect the rules of the federation, and hope that you will too.

Our E-Federation is based around a prediction league. We encourage you to become a Superstar with us here, becoming a part of our roster. You then use our prediction surveys here to make predictions on upcoming real WWE events. The results on these help us to calculate points for your superstar to rank on the tables shown here. In addition to the rankings your predictions and points will help our creative team to “sway” the tide of battle and encourage storylines, results, news and events for the future.

We also fully encourage feuds both written and recorded, and will upload promo/feud videos to our Youtube channel with your permission.

Our main rules are, as always:

Have Fun

No personal attacks or insults.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in expulsion from the HIHF E-FED.

Welcome to HIHF