Kevin “The Mountain” Dewone


Kevin “the mountain” Dewone

Height: 5’2″…..5’6 in heels
Weight: mind your own business

As a child Kevin loved wrestling and his only wish was to be in the squared circle……he was inches from achieving his dream when it was ripped away from him via a knee injury (it has been said that this was caused by “brilliant AK”, but this is all lies from the pit of hell!).

He then went on to carve an extremely successful career at “bob’s cut and shut motors” as a top used car salesman. Kevin unfortunately was implicated and went to jail in a series of miscarriages of justice when he was wrongly convicted of multiple scams and tax evasion and faking his own death.

His ownership of HIHF started when he lost a bet to the previous owner who couldn’t wait to offload the company to any sucker.

Favourite seaside destination: Doncaster