How to

Welcome to HIHF,

You are about to embark on a career against the finest wrestlers this world has to offer.


The main twitter page is here

In order to stay on top in your feuds, you’ll need to fire shots on social media. I, President of HIHF, Kevin ‘The Mountain’ Dewone, am inviting you to set up your own HIHF Twitter account.

Your Twitter handle should start with ‘HIHF’ but the rest of it is up to you, this makes it easier to connect with other Superstars and fans.

Please make sure to follow @HIHF_UK and @HIHF_President


The main Facebook page is here

Facebook is a new one for HIHF, but feel free to use and abuse it as you would Twitter. We recommend setting up a profile specifically for you Superstar, but it isn’t necessary. In future we would like to use Facebook to its full potential, so keep checking in!


The main Youtube page is here

If you would like to talk smack, be involved with feuds or just shoot a kick ass promo video then we’d love to see it. After long deliberation we have decided that the best way to to this would be for you to upload your video to your own Youtube account as a private video and email us the link at where we will download, watermark where necessary and re-uploat the video to our main Youtube account. This will then make it easier for us to put the videos in the right places and associate them with your Superstar.

Remember, you Heard It Here First,

Kevin ‘The Mountain’ Dewone