HIHF Rankings

The superstar prediction league for 2016 has now been completed. The table will be reset and the first points counted once the results for January’s WWE PPV events have occurred. You can go straight to our prediction surveys here.

As a HIHF Superstar, you gain points in the following manner:

Correct prediction: Match Winner – 3 points
Correct prediction: Victory Method – 2 points

Additional – Up to 5 additional points may be given for a spurious prediction regarding the event. This must not be a generally accepted rumour. Eg. “Roman Reigns to punch the ground” will not be accepted, but “Stone Cold to cost Kevin Owens the title” is perfectly fine.

 The League

[Updated 31st Jan 17 – Post-Rumble] Currently as the HIHF E-Federation stands:

Rank Superstar Pts
1 Dangerous Ant Daniels 22
1 Andrew Derr 22
3 Big Boss Lady 17
3 Spencer Steele 17
5 2011 CM Punk 15
6 Brilliant AK 14
7 “The Prophet” Nick Snider 13
8 Jimmy Fabulous 12
8 Ryan Howitzer 12
10 Chester 10
11 Jragon 0
11 Kevin “The Mountain” Dewone 0
11 Kappa Land 0
11 Falcon Arrow 0

REMEMBER: Winner of the league will be crowned HIHF Sultan of the Squared Circle 2017