“Dangerous” Ant Daniels


Name: Dangerous Ant Daniels
Real name: Anthony Benjamin John Daniels.

Height: 6’4″
Weight: 255lbs
Finisher:The 214 (impaler DDT)
Signature: Samoan drop and power slam
Submission: Butchers Nails (STF)

Born and raised on the mean streets or rural Kent. alumni of the life school of hard knocks. Graduated with honours from the university of getting the shit kicked out of you. Answers only to himself and a higher power. Mastermind behind HIHF. First ever HIHF World Heavyweight Champion.

Favourite Pokemon: Magmar

HIHF Champion Longest Reign in HIHF

Beating Brilliant AK early in 2016, Ant Daniels began a cutthroat feud with the HIHF ultimate heel before holding onto the title for a record 96 days.