“Brilliant” AK


Name: Brilliant AK
Real name: Dan Goober Hardman

Height: 6’10”
Weight: 300lbs
Finisher:Brilliant Plex (modified F5)
Signature: The Scarecrow (frog elbow drop)
Signature: Goober Driver (tornado DDT)
Submission: Brilliant Tap Out (Anaconda Vise)

Wrestled in WWF as Kane from 1997-2001. Technical wrestling ability and knowledge is superhuman. Temperament is super childlike. First ever HIHF Wildcard holder after winning the inaugural HIHF Cashpoint ladder match. Has tattoos of Batman villains to show his distaste for heroes. Co founder of HIHF. Hates fans, loves kayfabe.

Favourite James Bond: Timothy Dalton

HIHF World Heavyweight Champion June 2016

After a snake-in-the-grass tactic, Brilliant AK stole the title from the clutches of Ant Daniels, the longest reigning title holder. He then went on to create his own ‘pure’ belt, as fans had touched and dirtied the previous title.